P90X Kenpo Karate – How To Do The Kicks Right

any other. If you’re tired of doing jumping jacks and plyometrics, if you’re bored with treadmills and stairmasters, than a little punching and kicking might be for you. Explosive, dynamic, varied and fun, this workout by Tony not only helps you break a sweat, but allows you to do so while unleashing an explosive medley of blows. However, unless you have some experience with martial arts, you’re liable to be falling around as you try to throw out those kicks, and this article aims to give you some pointers to help you look and feel as deadly as you want to be.

The easiest and first kick you’ll be doing is what Tony calls the ‘Ball Kick’ but is commonly called ‘front kick’ in martial arts. This is a quick forward snap of your foot, going no higher than waist height. What you want to focus on is ‘cocking’ your foot by your knee before you snap it forward, and then drawing it back to your knee before setting it back down. You want to drive the ball of your foot forward, not your toes, and you want to be sure to snap you foot back, not leave it hanging out there in the air. Think of it as a whiplash movement, not a lazy wave; you want that foot out and back in as quickly as possible.

The second kick is the side kick, and this can be the trickiest if you don’t know what you’re doing. People tend to fall around because they focus on their legs and forget about their upper body. If you lean forward you’ll begin to topple, so its essential that you maintain good posture by trying to keep your body straight, aligned with the leg you’re standing on. Lean out to the side so as to give your leg room to rise, but don’t lean forward or backward. Try to keep a straight back and your weight firmly planted on your other foot. You want to ‘cock’ your foot as with the front kick, touching the sole of your kicking foot to your other knee and then snapping out the ridge of your foot into the air. There is as much hip in this kick as there is power, so that it can range from a knee snap, your body not moving at all, to a full hip thrust, your torso leaning completely over as you plunge your leg out to the side, as if smashing it through a door. Remember to snap the foot back, and touch your knee one last time before setting it down.

The final kick is the rear kick, and functions much the same as the side kick. Remember the position of your upper body is what determines your balace, and you want to align it straight with your kicking leg, keeping it up as much as possible. Cock your leg at your knee and then thurst it back, looking to drive your heel into the air. Then pull it back, cock it one more time, and lower it to the ground.

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