Lose Weight and Have More Energy – Two 15 Second Techniques to Accelerate Weight Loss

Here’s how you can lose weight and have more energy by using just two 15 second techniques to ACCELERATE weight loss for you. I know you’re busy, so I’m taking away that EXCUSE because obviously you can spare 15 seconds once in awhile.

Lose Weight and Have More Energy

1. After your shower, rinse your body with very cold water for 15 seconds

Listen, if you truly want to lose weight and have more energy, this is something you’ll do. “SUFFER” through it. 15 seconds isn’t long. I totally admit, when I do this the 15 seconds feels like 5 minutes. It’s hard… BUT it’s worth it.

It gives you a nice jolt of energy. But it also creates INSTANT thermogenesis (body burning fat for energy and heat). So it’s a nice 1-2 punch… more energy and the body burning fat. Try it once before you write this off.

2. Spinning

Spinning as in on a stationary bike in one of those classes? UH… NO! Spinning as in you put your arms out and spin clockwise in a circle while standing in one place.

Do this until the point of slight DIZZINESS. Don’t go beyond that. It will take a few spinning efforts to find how many spins is just right to get slightly dizzy.

Spinning works for weight loss because of it’s uncanny ability to balance out your hormones through stimulating your Endocrine System. If you’re overweight, the chances are you don’t have any balance to your hormones which is hurting any effort you make to lose weight.

So if something such as spins can bring balance to your hormones, it basically FLIPS THE SWITCH in your body to allow it to unlock it’s natural ability to lose weight. I suggest you do 8 sets of spins each day… throughout the day. How many spins each time depends on you and when you get slightly dizzy.

So there you go… lose weight and have more energy using these 2 simple 15 second techniques!

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