How to Stick to Your New Year’s Resolution to Lose Weight and Get in Shape

This New Year’s when you make the resolution to lose weight and get in shape, why not be serious about it and find a diet and exercise program that you can live with? The latest trendy diets all claim success, but for how long? Chances are they are so low in calories that you will definitely lose weight but when you resume eating regularly, you’ll put that weight right back on.

That could be the reason that less than 30 percent of people who resolve to get fit, lose motivation and quit by February. Too many people want instant results for a problem that has been growing for quite some time.

Fad diets always exaggerate weight loss results. The truth is losing weight requires work, that is, if you want to keep those extra pounds from coming back.

There are many reasons that fad diets are bad. One of which is because they lack a balance of protein, carbohydrates and fats. Many of these diets shun certain food groups and are just not nutritionally sound. Succumbing to these types of diets sets you up for failure or worse.

When you deprive yourself of a certain food group, you run the risk of nutrient deficiencies. Another reason that fad diets don’t have lasting effects is because they are terribly boring. Eating one particular food all day long, completely avoiding certain food groups or having to eat foods in a specific order are lifestyles that few people can adapt forever.

Think about people whom you know or celebrities who have lost weight. Which ones have kept it off? Was it the friend that was on the grapefruit diet or the extremely low fat diet? Was it the celebrity who is endorsing the diet that’s guaranteed to work? More often than not, it is the one who was willing to combine exercise with a balanced diet.

Many of these fad diets are extremely low in calories, no wonder people lose weight from them, but are they depriving themselves of needed nutrients, by eating such a small amount of food? Most importantly, is this a quick fix weight loss or one that will last forever?

The only way to achieve permanent weight loss is to find a diet plan that you can live with. If you love ice cream, fine! Just reduce your calorie intake by portion control or food choices but keep a balanced diet and stick with a regular exercise routine. If you find that you begin to level off or start to gain weight then you may need to re-examine the type and quantity of food that you are eating.

Making smart choices about what you eat, combined with a sound exercise plan can be your ticket to permanent weight loss and a Beautiful body. Stay away from fad diets, they only work for a short while, and winners like you are interested in benefits that last a lifetime. Find all the info that you need about " sovepiller hardworkout " at read the info for a dependable seller that will give you the industribygg oslo you're looking for quickly and easily.
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