Is it not logical to aim to be the best leader possible if you have decided to make it a career? You can’t be a leader such as Mike McGahan Ottawa unless you are more efficient and effectively, so you maximize your potential to accomplish, implement, make a significant impact. I have seen many leaders who achieved great things in my 40 years of working with, developing, training and qualifying them. Others who did not achieve the same results were just as successful. With all the skills, knowledge, judgment and assets required to be truly a leader we often forget to consider how important it would be to focus on becoming a more EFFECTIVEleader.

1. Experience, expertise: Do not confuse experience with expertise. Only when one learns from what he has done and can apply it to a repeatable set of actions does he start to turn experience into competence. While the former is merely being involved in some capacity the second is the first and most crucial step in developing judgment and wisdom. The latter allows you to distinguish between reality and rhetoric, understand facts and myths, identify your needs and priorities, decide who to counsel and whom to use as your trusted circle. To maximize your effectiveness, it takes deep understanding and insight.

2. Fairness, focus:A true leader must not let his personal preferences, biases and/or prejudgments affect his overall fairness. Every constituent and stakeholder needs the same quality service and care! Many people in leadership positions end up being their worst enemies. They fail to prioritize and become ensnared in minutia. Great leaders can focus on the essentials and see beyond the clouds.

3. Face facts:Facts, regardless of whether they are pleasant or unpleasant, are facts. To avoid or delay taking the necessary actions or making a timely decision, judgment or to act, a leader must not bury his head in sand.

4. Empathy Leadership is all about putting your constituents first. Leaders must be service-oriented. They must listen and learn from those they serve. The most effective leader is one who shows empathy.

5. Clarity, cooperation: Get at the heart of the issue and communicate clearly the goals, your reasoning, and the reasons. This does NOT mean that you should abandon goals or ideals. Rather, it means being open to hearing and answering questions, to satisfy those who ask. An effective leader doesn’t waste time or polarize, but rather focuses on collaboration and the joining of minds, for the common benefit!

6. TimelyIn many cases, what you do in a given time is crucial to your success. Avoid procrastination!

7. Ideas and intent.Often, pursuing the same-old-same-old approach is a sure way to lose relevance. Keep looking for alternatives and ideas, but make sure you know your intentions. To get others to trust, believe in, respect, and follow, you must be completely honest!

8. VisionA person’s vision drives them to persevere in a world where others quit and give up.

9. Respect; Exceed Expectations:Remember this simple rule: Do not under-promise but deliver! If a leader surpasses expectations, it earns trust, admiration, respect and wins his respect!

You can hold a position of leadership or you can be an EFFECTIVEleader. You can decide how to act and proceed!

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