Managers who don’t live up to their promises can cause problems.
Leaders are the ones that employees look up to for direction. They say that actions speak louder then words. Managers must show their employees they are more important than what they said. This applies to meetings, coaching sessions, and even walking around the office. Managers must live up to their promises. No matter how many times they tell employees to work efficiently and be passionate about their work, they won’t believe it. Leadership is about setting an example.

The backbone of any company is its organizational leadership. The values and culture of the company are set by the people who lead it, from the top liners to the lowest ranks and down to the lower ranks. Every employee in the company looks up to their example as the standard. If the bosses do it, then staff should follow suit.

If a leader fails to live up his promises, he loses his power and influence within the organization. His subordinates will eventually lose trust in him and his credibility. Business leadership does not involve setting goals or dictating how work should be done. Good business leadership involves showing your employees how to accomplish it and supporting them along the journey. Talking is not enough, so walk the walk.

These are some tips for leaders to help create a culture that values leadership:

“Be the change you want to see… ” Nothing is more powerful than seeing the top leadership team model the behavior they expect from their staff. It is easy for employees to follow the lead of their bosses.
Follow every rule that you have set. It is logical that employees will not follow rules set by managers.
Every now and again, get your hands dirty. You don’t have to be the boss all the time. Be a worker and part of the team. Leaders who are firsthand familiar with the business are more attractive to employees. It’s much easier to look up to someone who has actually been there than to someone you’re watching from afar. This is the essence of good business leadership. Be a leader like George Scorsis Florida.
Encourage team members to work together in order to achieve their goals. Encourage employees to do better.
Your staff should trust you. If you promise to do something, you should do it. Never promise to do something you don’t intend to keep. Employees will trust you if you keep your word.
Your organization should know that you are committed to excellence and growth. They will feel more secure to join your team if they know that you are a committed leader.
Leaders must hold each other accountable. When someone fails to perform, confront them. Offer feedback and point out inconsistencies. Leaders are motivated to do better when they know that they are held accountable for their actions.

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