Clean energy is big these days. With global warming becoming more urgent, companies all over the globe are trying to find ways to provide power to the world while not causing any harm. However, there is one fuel that can make the environment more sustainable – and we have plenty of it here in America.

It’s natural gas. You may even have it at home. According to the US Energy Information Administration in 2010, more than 65,000,000 residential consumers used this energy source. The Census Bureau reported that there were only over 300 million Americans living in America that year. This means that approximately 21% of Americans used the energy source in 2010. What makes it the new source of clean energy? You can find out more by reading on!

Natural Gas Emissions

According to the EPA when used for electricity generation, it produces far fewer carbon emissions than oil and coal. It uses very little water and creates no solid waste. The way it is transported is the main reason it produces less emissions. It flows through a national underground pipe network, so unlike oil and coal, it doesn’t need transport on trains or trucks that emit harmful emissions. It is an energy source that can be used to replace oil and coal.

Natural Gas Prices

It is expensive, which is why not many people are interested in clean energy. People choose the less expensive, but often not environmentally-friendly option if they don’t want to spend the extra money. However, natural gas can be collected here in the US. We currently have an oversupply. This means that prices are very low. Many Pennsylvania natural gas companies have lowered their already extremely low prices. It is a renewable energy fuel that isn’t affected by its high price.

Natural Gas Uses

This energy source is versatile. It can also be used as a heating source. It is possible to have electricity piped into your home, which will reduce the amount of harmful emissions that are released into the atmosphere in order to heat your water heater. It tends produce warmer temperatures that other fuel sources, so it’s a better choice for energy efficiency.

Does natural gas equal clean energy?

Canada Natural Gas comes with its own set of negatives. According to the EPA it can produce air emissions and its collection can be hazardous to the environment. Its environmental impact is lower than that of other popular fuels. Natural gas is a renewable energy source that you can use to make your home greener.


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