It’s time for you to take action if you own a business that is struggling to increase your revenues and profits. You need to focus on the things that will make a real difference in your year. You can focus on six areas of your business to increase your profits and turnover in 12 months. These are the six areas of your business that you can focus on.

Define your Vision and Goals
Ask yourself. Ask yourself, “What do I want from my business?” Describe how you want your business to look if you could travel into the future for three, three, or five years. This is your dream! Think big. Are you moving to new offices? What number of staff do you have working for you now? What hours do you work in your business each week? What do you do in your community? Do you give back to the society or charity work? Imagine your ideal life, what you would do with your time, how you will live it, and the people you’ll be surrounded by.

Manage Your Finances
You may be able to enter your numbers and receive reports each day, but are you actually able to interpret those reports? You have many tools to help you monitor the health of your business. There are three key tools you need to master: Breakeven volume, your Revenue Model, and the Cash Flow Model.

You can immediately improve your focus by establishing and following strategies to help you grow your business. How do you capture your market? Are you going to be the market David Barrick? Do you want to target a specific market or specialize? Are you going to target a niche market and specialize? Or will your innovation be disruptive and transform the industry?

Plan Your Strategies To Implement Each Strategy
Your tactics are meant to mirror your strategies. They will generally fit into three main categories.

Revenue growth
Profit margins can be increased
Cash flow increases

Use to Your Advantage
As you grow your business, there are many ways that you can leverage yourself. These are just a few of many ways you can leverage yourself in your business.

You can improve your attitude and become a leader
More efficient use of your time
Your organizational structure should be defined and built
Focus on attracting high-quality talent
Create processes and standards to support all of your critical work activities
Systems that reduce time are needed for sales, training, and financial management.
Technology can be used to reduce the labour-intensive activities
In your business, create a culture that is team-based
Keep learning and becoming a leader in your industry and business.

Commit Yourself To Ongoing Self Development
Keep learning new methods and consolidating what you already know. Learn from other entrepreneurs, attend seminars, and read books.

Concentrating on these six areas will help you rise to the top 5% business owners who are disciplined enough about how they structure their business and achieve success.

Brian is a Melbourne-based Business Coach and Consultant who specializes in marketing (both offline and online) for small business owners. Brian uses proven strategies and techniques to help business owners increase sales, profits, and cash flow.

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