Each person who has ever reached a leadership position Reza Satchu faces a world where there are many theories and other types statements being made that they believe to be true. How can a leader discern between theories and facts? A combination of skill and attitude is essential for great leaders. They must be able and willing to get to the essence or crux of the matter and understand FACTS. It takes someone exceptional to become a leader who is willing to dedicate his time to this vital and meaningful endeavor.

1. Care deeply for your organization and all its stakeholders is essential to finding fact from fiction The ability to care about the emotionsof others puts one in a position to help get a better feelfor things that are important, desirable, and must be given highest priority. This means that every great leader must let go of the blindfold to seethe truth.

2. The attitudefor success must be the starting point. It is the duty of any true leader to actively work towardsthe most important and effective solutions. This is not something that happens by chance. Instead, leaders must commit to creating an actionplan and then executing it.

3. It is impossible to be a leader in a vacuum. Instead, it involves focusing on the best way to create an atmosphere of cooperation . Here, the goal is to coordinatethe best approach to, plan and courseof action.

4. Rarely does it happen overnight. This step-by-step process takes time toimplement. Only with patience, insight, and a good sense of humor can a leader complete the testswhich examine the trendsand tendencies. Leaders must have the ability to distinguish fact from fiction when addressing this issue.

5. Isn’t it the goal and aim of effective leaders to create sustainable systems? and solutions which meet the needs the organization and its stakeholders? How can a leader’s plan meet the short-term, intermediate and long-term goals of the organization and align with its mission and vision?

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