Are you wondering how you can lead a team effectively after being promoted to team leader? You may have been a team leader for less than one year and you are now facing difficulties in leading the team. Arif Bhalwani Wife will help you understand the challenges young team leaders face at one time or another. You can become a more effective leader by looking at things from a different perspective.

Supervision and delegation – The biggest problem for young team leaders is the difficulty they have in delegating important tasks and processes to their staff members. They believe they are perfectionists and so they prefer to do the important tasks themselves. They have doubts in their team’s abilities and fear that they will fail to do the job properly and with sincerity if they delegate. They prefer to do the work themselves rather than rely on subordinates. We also have leaders who delegate work and don’t monitor the quality or progress of the work. This results in the job being lost and the performance of both bosses as well as members of the team is negatively affected. A team leader must ensure that all processes are properly controlled and monitored. He must be in control of all matters pertaining to his team.

Be a leader – Many of you have had bosses that love to assign you a task at six o’clock in the evening every night. They will tell you to complete the job on time and confirm it by phone. This attitude is not sustainable. This creates a negative atmosphere and inefficiency. Leaders in the team must set an example. Leaders must set high ethical standards and instill great values within their team. They are responsible for creating a team culture. Trust, togetherness and team spirit take years to develop. It is easy for new members of the team to embrace this positive atmosphere in a short time. This team spirit can quickly fade if it is not maintained.
Intenseness – Too aggressive or too soft with their team members, young team leaders. They must maintain a healthy balance. They learn to be assertive and effective with time. No matter how skilled and efficient you may be, your team members will not be able to resist you no matter what. You may be tempted to give in to their soft side. To maintain discipline within your department, you must be firm with them.

Problem Solver As a leader, your primary responsibility is to solve problems and manage escalations. If a team leader spends less time on daily routine activities, he can focus on solving complex problems or escalations. Therefore, daily routine activities and responsibilities should be shared among team members.

Maximum utilization of strengths of team members – No one is perfect. Each member of the team will have a different skill set, mind set, maturity level. Some people are more introverted than others, while some are more outgoing, while others are more energetic and need to be pushed. Some prefer independence in their work. Some people need more supervision and guidance. The team leader must be able to understand the strengths and weaknesses of each subordinate. He should also be able to adapt his team member’s strengths to meet the needs of a specific situation.

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